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cyfres Storļau Sylfaenol: Stori Newid Hinsawdd
Catherine Barr
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Anifeiliaid Bach - cyfres Ysgwyd, Cnoi a Dysgu

Age Group: 0+ 5+
Format: board book + rattle + teether

Author: Priddy
Translator: Ryan Head

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Pub. Date: 23 November 2018
Genre: children's Welsh
ISBN 13: 9781849670722

A multi-sensory, chunky board book for babies and toddlers featuring favourite baby animals. There are appealing photographic images and text labels on every page, from puppies to kittens! The book is the perfect shape for little hands to hold, and the shaker-teether has a multi-coloured rattle to shake, and soft, rounded corners that babies will love to chew.

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