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cyfres Storau Sylfaenol: Stori Newid Hinsawdd
Catherine Barr
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Seren Orau'r Sr! / Super Duper You!

Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Sophie Henn
Translator: Ceri Wyn Jones

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Pub. Date: 29 January 2021
Genre: children's bi-lingual
ISBN 13: 9781849675673

 “I've known you since you started. I've seen a thing or two... or three or four or five or six! In fact, I've seen a few... Sometimes you're this, sometimes you're that. Sometimes you're in between! It's hard to say what makes you, YOU.”

This is a great book, a celebration of difference, uniqueness and the importance of not fitting into boxes. It is both subtle storytelling relating to identity and wonderfully uplifting. A modern-day classic, beautifully adapted into Welsh by Ceri Wyn Jones.


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