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cyfres Storļau Sylfaenol: Stori Newid Hinsawdd
Catherine Barr
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Curo Deirgwaith: Yr Hudlath a'r Haearn 3

Age Group: 11+ 7+
Format: paperback

Author: Cressida Cowell
Translator: Ifan Morgan Jones

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Pub. Date: 29 December 2020
Genre: children's Welsh
ISBN 13: 9781849675390

Enter a land of wizards, warriors, mythical creatures and powerful magic in an exciting fantasy adventure. The third title in a gripping series. Wish and Xar are outlaws on the run, hunted by Warriors, Wizards and worst of all by WITCHES... Can they find the ingredients for the spell to get rid of Witches before the King witch gets his talons on the Magic-that-Works-on-Iron?

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