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10 Stories from Welsh History (That Everyone Should Know)
Ifan Morgan Jones
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Pecyn Cyfres Arwr (Dewis dy Dynged)
A set of eight books in the Arwr - Dewis dy Dynged series.
Pecyn Peppa Pinc
A lovely set of 3 Peppa Pinc books including: Gêm o Guddio, Creaduriaid Bychain and Siapiau; a hardback, a paperback and a board book, all for just £14.99! A great gift set for all Peppa fans.
Pecyn Crafu/Creu
Scratch and draw pictures are simple to complete, but the results look amazing as the rainbow and foil effects are revealed by scratching away the surface of the special scratch art cards. Each title includes step-by-step instructions for drawing simple pictures, a scratch and draw story to complete and a cool scratch tool for use on the special pages.
Pecyn Roald Dahl (Danny/James/Esgynnydd)
There's great value for money inthis set of three Roald Dahl Welsh books, inluding -  1. Danny Pencampwr y Byd 2. James a'r Eirinen Wlanog Enfawr 3. Charlie a'r Esgynnydd Mawr Gwydr
Pecyn Cyfres Academi Archarwyr
A bargain pack, just 14.99, of all 4 titles in the popular Superhero School (cyfres Academi Archarwyr) series by Alan MacDonald and adapted into Welsh by Mari George.
Pecyn Roald Dahl (Twits/Pelican/Nab Wrc)
Great value for money set of three Roald Dahl Welsh books, including Y Twits; Nab Wrc; Jiraff a'r Pelican a Fi.
Wales on the Map Pack (3 Book Set)
Curious about Wales? Find out everything you need to know with this bargain set of three books from the Wales on the Map series. The set is just 19.99 and includes the following books: 1. Wales on the Map (atlas) 2. Activity book 3. Quiz book.
Pecyn Cymru ar y Map (3 Llyfr)
Curious about Wales? Find out everything you need to know with this bargain set of book for just 19.99. Includes three books from the Cymru ar y Map series: 1. Cymru ar y Map (atlas) 2. Llyfr Gweithgareddau 3. Llyfr Cwis
Pecyn Deinosoriaid
A bargain pack packaged in a red RILY drawstring rucksack, including two exciting dinosaur books and a soft toy. Set includes: 1. Crafu/Creu Deinosoriaid 2. Ar Antur Deinosoriaid 3. A cuddly dinosaur soft toy.
Pecyn Llawn Cyfres Clem: 1-7
Bargain set of books for 29.99 - entire series of Cyfres Clem. Includes all 8 titles in this humorous and much loved series, translated by Luned Whelan.
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