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Del Does Sport (Handy Learners WELSH)

Age Group: 11+
Format: Paperback
Series: Handy Learners

Author: Elin Meek & Ryan Head

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Learn a new language the fun way! Join Del and his friends as they learn some basic phrases and sporting terms, in Welsh. This innovative, new Handy Learners series includes free audio so you can hear how to pronounce the words properly. Fully illustrated throughout with quirky, cartoon characters, this ‘handy’ pocket-size book will help beginners pick up a new language quickly. The illustrations have a retro, graphic-design feel and readers will follow Del as he goes on a mission to find a sport that he likes and can do well. The problem is that he just isn’t the sporty type!   Join the gang on this hilarious, sports-filled journey and learn some Welsh sentence patterns and conversational phrases along the way. Del Does Sport is part of the Handy Learners series and offers a fun introduction to learning Welsh. Look out for more Handy Learners titles as Del and friends learn different languages – will it be Spanish or Irish next...
Product Details
Published Date: 31 March 2021
Genre: Welsh learners
ISBN 13: 9781849675628
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