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Pecyn Teimladau MAWR Bach

Age Group: 0+ 5+
Format: Pack 4 books
Series: Llyfrau Lles

Author: Campbell books
Translator: Elin Meek
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4 Books of Welsh adaptations to help young children manage their emotions. They can lift the flaps, slide the tabs and turn the wheel to explore what anger is, why they might get angry and how they can calm their anger. 4 books are Weithiau Dwi'n Poeni, Dwi'n Hoffi Bod yn Garedig, Pan Dwi'n Hapus and Weithiau Dwi'n Teimlo'n Grac.
Product Details
Published Date: 15 April 2021
Genre: Children's Welsh
ISBN 13: 9781849676250
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